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Paleoista, a Paleo Lifestyle Studio


Coming soon- I’m opening Paleoista, a Paleo Lifestyle Studio in the Brentwood Gardens shopping center!

For nearly ten years, I’ve worked with clients online to help them implement the principles of True Paleo living into their daily regime.

For twice that long, I’ve helped clients with their fitness regime, in home, at the gym or outdoors.

And now, I’m thrilled to bring it all together in my very own studio.

Meeting in person on a weekly basis will help build accountability for all clients and being able to have a place to call home where I can teach small group yoga classes, offer informational talks on ‘How to Paleo’ and continue to build a presence for what real Paleo is in the local market is a dream I’ve long had which is now coming to fruition.

Also coming soon:

-my very own Paleoista Nutrition App- bringing your custom meals right to your smart phone along with easy to follow preparation tips and a grocery store shopping list.

-a partnership with a Paleo Food Delivery Service- available nationwide!

Watch this space for updates and announcements on opening in just a few weeks!


Available for speaking engagements*

Available for exclusive private fitness training for film and television role preparation; fees available upon request*

Available for long-term fitness training clients in the Los Angeles area; fees available upon request*

*Fees subject to change based on drive time

Email me or phone 310 344 8040 for more information on local services in Los Angeles.