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Local Services in LA

Temescal Canyon

Based in Los Angeles, Nell offers custom counseling, personal training, group coaching, kitchen clean-outs, grocery field trips and healthy, Paleo cooking demos.

Kitchen Makeover*

Literally, a complete overhaul of the kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, pantry & cupboards. It’s quite simple: if a poor food choice is not there, you’re not going to eat it! Starting with a clean slate is an imperative primary step.  Click here to buy!

Grocery Store Field Trip*

Are you completely clueless when you enter the grocery store? Or, do you need to become more educated about reading & interpreting nutrition labels? Regardless, this service results in making you a more nutritionally savvy shopper. Conducted at your local market, an hour is spent touring the shop and getting to the bottom of any questions you may have. Click here to buy!

Paleo Cooking Demo*

The junk has been thrown away and you’ve stocked up on wonderful, fresh veggies, fruits, clean proteins, raw nuts and other food at the local grocery. Now what? The nutritional “trifecta” culminates with a food prep session to demonstrate how, in a short period of time, you can easily prepare the food and have it ready to go when you leave the house in a mad dash the next day before work (and its also ready for you in the refrigerator when you get home at night!). If you’re serious about losing weight or making any long lasting dietary changes to your lifestyle, planning is key. Click here to buy!

The Paleoista Trifecta

Receive nearly 20% savings when you book all three of the above services.  Makes a great gift or fun group activity, too!  Click here to buy! 

Private Fitness Training


Available for speaking engagements

Available for exclusive private fitness training for film and television role preparation; fees available upon request

Available for long-term fitness training clients in the Los Angeles area; fees available upon request

*Fees subject to change based on drive time

Email Nell or phone 310 344 8040 for more information on local services for Paleo in LA.