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Featured Recipes

Raw Cacao, Banana & Coconut Shake

Published: February 20, 2014 | Leave a comment

As seen on The Dr Oz Show...no need to ditch your Paleo regime by drinking a milkshake when you can make a healthier version of your own! More...

Raw Chocolate Covered Walnuts & Berries

Published: February 3, 2014 | Leave a comment

Simple is sometimes the most delicious. With three simple ingredients, molten raw chocolate, organic berries and sprouted walnuts, you can create a decadent dessert for Valentine's Day More...

Whole Roasted Herbed Coconut Bass

Published: January 1, 2014 | Leave a comment

A Paleo-ized Version of a traditional dish; who needs butter and salt? More...

Paleoista’s Pumpkin Smoothie

Published: September 29, 2013 | 1 Comment

Based on a pumpkin milkshake I enjoyed as a child, but far healthier and completely Paleo! More...

Coconut Lime Grilled Scallops

Published: August 6, 2013 | Leave a comment

Give this delicious little mollusk a try. Easily grilled outdoors, it's the perfect Paleo protein for a light meal on a hot summer's evening. More...