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Paleo Nutrition Plans

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 *No refunds or exchanges.

Perhaps you’ve read The Paleo Diet  and you get the gist, but need a little help determining exactly what to eat, when and some simple prep tips.

I offer a series of pre-written, downloadable plans to spell everything out, to the tee!

Clients also often find that the combination of buying a pre-written plan and then scheduling a phone or skype consult to customize a plan to their individual needs is a nice balance between trying to implement a plan that’s ‘one-size-fits- all’ and custom counseling, if the latter is out of budget.

Current plans available include:

 How do I know which plan to choose?

Wondering how to determine how many calories you need per day?  Are you guessing based on an arbitrary calculation that you may have tried to stick to before, only to find you were feeling hungry all the time?

First, don’t over think calories when it comes to Paleo.   

Yes, of course, calories count, but following the optimally balanced macro nutrient ratio of the Paleo diet (roughly 40/30/30, in favor of unprocessed carbohydrate) supersedes the antiquated idea of consuming X number of calories simply based on nothing more than a guestimate.

30 Minute Consult & Any 6-week Plan

Interested in dowload plan but feeling like you’re going to need just a little guidance?  Or, perhaps custom monthly Paleoista counesling is just a little out of budget?

Here is the happy medium!

Your choice of any of my 6-week plans along with a thirty minute consult (phone or SKYPE) is the perfect mix of a guideline to follow along with an opportunity to ask all your Paleo questions or simply fine tune the plan to suit your individual needs.

*No refunds or exchanges.

The source of calories is far more important than a number all on its own.  If you are someone who needs 2,000 calories per day and you opted to ingest exactly that number from candy, cakes and cookies, think about how you'd feel compared to if you'd eaten more or less 2,000 calories in one day from a variety of leafy greens, wild fish, grass fed beef and some fresh berries?

Learning to listen to what your body is telling you is one of the most important lessons you'll learn. Hungry? Eat. Starting to feel full during a meal? Stop eating.

So why do I offer plans with specific numbers of calories, then?

That's easy. So many are conditioned to needing to know a quantitative, hard number, particularly those who are coming from a 'chronic dieting background' or a weight loss mentality that it's become uncomfortable to attempt to think that one's body would tell them what, how much and when to eat. As such, and after receiving many inquiries from clients, blog readers and twitter followers to please offer calorie-based plans, I did so.

It's really that simple.

All plans are easily modified based on simply having a little more of each item in any given meal if you still feel a little hungry or having a little less if the portion feels too big.   For example, a 6'2", 210 pound man married to a 5'6", 130 pound woman can buy and follow the same plan just by eating a little bit more, or a little bit less, respectively, than what the menu calls for.

Again, it's the balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat that matters most.

The most important thing to remember is that whichever plan you choose, it's merely a guideline.  If you opted for the 2,000 calorie plan and still felt hungry after each meal, add a little bit of each item to your plate the next time you eat.     If you're going for the 6-wk endurance plan and find that your training schedule differs from the mock schedule I've created, choose one day in the plan that does mimic your own training and use that as a model to make necessary changes.

You'll know you've found the balance when you're satiated, not too full, not too hungry and your energy level feels balanced all day long.  If you're overweight to begin with, you'll see the number on the scale dropping slowly (and safely) but surely.  For those of you who are athletes, you'll feel fueled, strong and ready to train, race and recover properly.

Even if it seems impossible, just remember that your body will indeed tell you what it needs; just listen to what it has to say!

With any plan, as it is pre-written and not custom-made for you, there will  be some tweaking needed here and there.  It's part of the process. Stick with it and you'll  get it dialed in.

If you need help or do not feel a balanced energy level, phenomenal sleep or anything else indicative of less than optimal health, don't give up.  It takes some practice, but I can promise you, it's well worth it.

You can always book a consult with me; I'm  here to help!