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Two years ago I tried the Atkins Diet as well as the Mediterranean Diet, both good diets because they had low or NO processed carbohydrates, but I had to get used to the phases, which were confusing.  I was looking for something better to make me feel healthier and support my endurance training.  I was surprised when I first tired the Paleo diet by myself, because it made sense but whenever I would train, I felt really tired. I didn’t want to give up, so I looked online and found Nell’s expert Paleo nutrition for health and sports. I made an appointment with her in Los Angeles and flew up from Cancun to meet with her. I showed her my training and racing plans and she arranged the food for me, week by week online.  It was very specific and included training and competition diets as fuel for Cancun´s Ironman 70.3 2011 and my race time was my PR of 5hrs 17minutes.  Nell gave me the exact formula and I didn´t feel tired during the competition at all!

Currently I’m used to the Paleo diet; it’s a safer way of eating than the modern diet, very easy to cook and practical. It’s just not necessary to eat grains, cereals and dairy products. By avoiding those products, I feel very different and even younger! Nell´s philosophy is natural and healthy, a routine that makes this delicious diet for the whole family! I can eat like this for a lifetime, so I do not miss the ‘modern diet’ at all!

Thank you for your effort and professional work.

-Rodrigo Bobadilla, businessman and entrepreneur, Cancun

Every workout you scheduled for me left me feeling amazing. Not at all like I did not accomplish something. All workouts have been solid.Last week was the best week; I’ve had another turning point. My energy is amazing. Even adjusting my start time to waking at 3:30am by the time my day ends I’m not wiped out. I sit and read and truly have to wind myself down.

I never could have put it all together EVER!

When I came to you in December it was a very low point for me. I had over-trained and had exhausted myself mentally and physically. I knew I just could not continue on this path. I was ready to see all my efforts pay off. In stepped you! Even with being injured I feel like I’ve excelled in my workouts and with the Paleo eating I can’t imagine EVER going back. I feel like a bird let out of its cage. After a very long 10-month deployment I find myself feeling re-energized. I have so many little things that have changed from the inside out.

I think your guidance and patience and your refocusing me on another goal when I was injured saved me. I will run again and feel when I do I will be a better runner than before.

Sorry to ramble but I wish I could share all the little revelations I have daily. What you have taught me about using my heart rate monitor is priceless. I truly can’t wait to get back and sync in my workout. The Garmin graph of my effort is my Mona Lisa!

I weigh on Monday mornings and that is the only time. I’m transforming a lot. I am still encouraged because I see other things. With my mind being clearer I have a better perception of myself; I’ve noticed that I don’t look swollen anymore; even my legs are not swelling during the day and my complexion is different. And I am learning not to associate food and guilt, which is the biggest change by far.

-Tonya, Technical Administrative Assistant, New Kabul Compound, Afghanistan

Just wanted you to know I won the world championship for my age group, including beating out that impressive looking German, last year’s winner and former member of the East German Olympic Rowing Team. Once again, I want to thank you for helping me achieve my goal.

When I sat down on my erg for the race, I had the confidence that I had done everything under my control in terms of training, feeding, resting etc., and that mental edge makes a huge difference in erging (not mentioning the strength and power I gained from eating right under your guidance).


-Anne, Scientist, Cross-Fitter and World Champion Rower, Montreal, Canada

You are a genius!  I started using your recommendation for recovery shakes for my endurance training and it gives me the sweetness I am looking for and the clean 100% paleo recovery I need.  I now eat yams the night before and the breakfast before my bike training and feel much lighter, yet still powerful on the bike.

I increased my caloric intake per hour like you said and although it took some faith (I thought it would be too much) it kept my energy up and no stomach trouble.

So, the ultimate result is that my training weekends are much better and I feel great on Monday mornings; ready to start my week without the normal sluggishness (I don’t even ‘need’ coffee during my swims on Monday AM now).

I also bought one of your meal plans and it has already helped break up the monotony of the “same-ole, same-ole.”  Since I made all of these changes at once so I am not sure the magnitude of each individually, but suffice it to say the combination is great!  I really can’t thank you enough!

-Jeff Reece, Age Group Triathlete (30 – 34) & Investor, Jasper, Indiana

I have worked with Nell on my nutrition and meal planning for before, during & after training/racing for triathlon.  Working with Nell has been fantastic; she has opened up a whole new way of eating for me.  She has not judged me when things have gone off the rails, instead she has got me to think about why this happened and then offered support and strategies for dealing with these issues in the future. Even with the time difference she is quick to respond to all communication and you feel like you are her only client.

Jane – Perth, Western Australia

My thanks to you for your book and site. I purchased the 4 week kick start plan as a model and am in week 2. I was eating organic and sensible, yet non-paleo and despite running, swimming and biking, could not lose my spare 25 pounds. In the first 10 days I have lost 5 pounds and a size. I have noticed my legs are a bit heavy when I run and look forward to week 3 when the metabolism adjusts. Your book has been a perfect guide and inspiration. This program will restore my strength and speed. I give total credit to your clear and sassy, fun approach to getting my attention and giving me confidence!

Cheryl, Washington

 I trained a long time to keep my weight under control. It took me a lot of effort to understand that many hours may be dedicated to exercise, but as long as eating habits are not adequate, weight will not be controlled; and what is worse, energy levels won´t be stable, inevitably affecting performance in all areas of life: training, work, family… 

Nell is the person that has been guiding me through this process of learning. Nowadays I finally understand that eating habits are the key to a better performance in my everyday life, especially while training hard.
In the last six months I have dropped 22 pounds – body fat from 16% to 8%; but the most important fact is that I have a lot of energy to be with my family, to work at the office and to train hard.
I have been doing triathlons in the past three years, and thanks to Nell and a sound training program I have excelled in the age group category; I have made it to the podium!  I am very satisfied and grateful; I will remain Paleo for life.

Lorenzo Medina, executive, Mexico






Nell changed my approach not only to sports nutrition but also to life. I had been in sports for all my life; Jai alai for more than 10 years, professional kick-boxer for five years and since some years ago an age grouper in Ironman events.

I´m a business owner so my day is quiet busy, I have found through Nell the way to have a great level of energy during working, training and recovery.

Nell is professional, proactive, Paleo and natural. She has a very practical approach to nutrition and personalized service. If you are really wondering to improve your daily life try to work with her. My IM races since Nell are quiet different, also my results. My body feels just great with the right amount and quality of food it needs. My last IM Cozumel 12.04. No more words! Train with Nellie!

Iñaki de la Parra  - Mexico City, Mexico

All of your help and guidance worked great for me as far as getting in shape for the shoot yesterday. I am now up to running 5-6 miles a day, varying my speeds, plus yoga or dance everyday, and following your nutritional plan, and it has really paid off. The photographer kept saying what great shape I'm in and choose wardrobe to show it off. She did a bunch of shots of me as a "Shape" magazine model in a belly baring workout outfit which was very cool...and most of all I just felt so good about myself that I think it will show in the pix and get me work!!!


Nina Josephs, Actress/Waitress, Los Angeles, CA

I started training with Nell almost a year ago on recommendation from a friend of mine. She knew I was looking to start training for my first triathlon and said I NEEDED Nell. Boy, was she right! I truly believe I would have never made it without her. Her workouts are wonderful, and I love that she tailors them for whatever my seasonal sport may be. I had trained with other trainers in the past, but Nell's style of training actually makes it enjoyable, and occasionally I'll even forget just how hard she is working me! With four triathlons and my strongest ski season under my belt, I know I have Nell to thank.

Jennifer Smith, Owner & Operator, Lifetime Fitness Studios, WA

I came to Nell because I wanted to achieve a HUGE goal in my sport and nutrition. I'm training to break into the national rowing team, and end up on the podium stand in London 2012!

I knew this was not going to be possible without exceptional help. Not only do I need nutrition to train at a maximum level but also I needed to make weight! Rowing has weight class divisions, and I needed to lose pounds without losing power. My rowing coach stepped up on the training, and with Nell's nutritional counseling I could not only excel at my training, I felt stronger, recovered quicker, and started getting leaner.

Nell's no-nonsense approach, continual check-ups and multitude of suggestions helped keep me motivated and on track. She also makes you have ownership of your diet. At first this was strange for me, because I wanted to be simply told what to do, and follow it.

Nell's way is to make you discover things for yourself, and make your own choices. Hard at first, but liberating in the end. Lastly, I never enjoyed cooking, or handling food. NEVER! And with Nell's introduction to The Paleo Diet, I have really felt more in touch with my ingredients, enjoying preparing meals, browsing recipes, and excited to serve guests this way of eating! I also love reading Nell's blog and her writings in the Paleo newsletters, as well as eagerly awaiting her book!  Now I'm in Spain on a training camp, only 2 seconds away from World Records on the rowing ergometers! And looking forward to the next four years!

Ursula Grobler, Professional Rower

After my first triathlon season, I decided to sign up for an Ironman. I knew that if I was going to reach my goals I was going to need the best guidance on not just training but on nutrition to. I was lucky to find Nell! She has helped me develop a nutritional plan for both training and racing. She has always been incredibly helpful, thorough, and on point with her feedback and advice. Through the eating plan my performance and recovery time improved, as has my general health.


Josh Vincent, Ironman Triathlete, San Francisco

 Good news!  This morning I went for my blood tests for cholesterol and sugar and the doctor has just phoned to say everything is normal; my sugar is down from 6.2 to 5.3 and cholesterol from 6.2 to 5.1.  The last tests were done before I started following your eating plan, so I must thank you for this diet which has become a way of life for me- it is indeed paying off!

-Sharyn, South Africa

Nell's training planning is innovative and her rotation of exercises and methods means my workouts never seem stagnant or complacent. I always leave our sessions feeling like I have pushed myself (or been pushed!) and gotten a great workout. Through Nell's sessions, I find myself doing types of exercises or focusing on cleaner techniques than I ever would do on my own in the gym.

-Mitch Viner, executive

I was trying to lose the nagging 15 lbs. of pregnancy weight when I met Nell through my gym. She had an extensive knowledge in helping shed post-natal weight. In addition, her training consists of various new techniques that tone and trim your body, which kept the sessions interesting and challenging. I've recommended Nell to my friends, as I believe she's one of the top fitness trainers in town. Nell is extremely professional yet personable. I enjoyed my training sessions with her and am grateful for paving the way to fitness

- Helena Reich, ‘new mom’

I began working with Nell when I was training for the Kona marathon. In addition to providing me with an excellent pre-event training program, Nell gave me some of the best advice for a runner or any type of athlete -- always stay focused on your own goals and your own progress while you are on the road, track or trail to guarantee your own success. And, listen to your body each step of the way...

-Teresa Doniger, student

I have been training with Nell for two years, usually very early in the morning. She is very inventive - no two workouts are the same. She is always there on time, with a contagious energy level, great enthusiasm and a smile. And last but not least, the workouts are effective and I have consistently achieved my goals.

-Tom O'Hern, age 50, father of 4, executive, busy guy, veteran Ironman triathlete & ultra runner